Saturday, February 14, 2009

One of my favorite games on PS2

On of my favorite games for my ps2 is Need for Speed Hot pursuit 2. It is a lot of fun!! You pick your car and then you race and the cops chase you it's really cool! So I was playing it today and I saw a car called a Lambrogini Murcielago. And oh my gosh it was so fast it went from zero to sixty in five seconds ( Well of course it's a game) but it was really cool. So I tried to look up a cheat code for it AND THERE WASN'T ONE!!! I sat at the computer looking for one but there wasn't. You have to beat a computer in a race so now that that's covered.

I had baseball practice today and it was COLD!! But it wasn't that bad after you got used to it. And we have a pretty good team. Our team's name is the Rangers ( As in the Texas Rangers).

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